Day Five – Moonlight Cinema Mayhem

What a difference a day (and an ocean) makes! I watched the dawn emerge from the companionway at 6am through hazy eyes and a happy heart. I made it through the channel and was now in the mighty, majestic and magnificent Pacific Ocean. I was so tired though, I felt drunk. My balance wasn’t great, […]

Day Four – Mystery Barrels

The day started relatively benign. Winds of 15knts from 215deg with a true wind angle (TWA) of 120deg so plain sailing. I did my daily inspection and the boat was in order. The forecast was for strong winds from lunch time until the following morning, by which time I’d be in the Pacific where the […]

Day Three – Finding Companionship

Today’s blog won’t be too long as 6 of my 10 fingers are bandaged so it’s tough to type. My wounds from day 1 became infected after being wet and dirty for 36 hours so I was forced to pull out my medical kit and play doctor for an hour this afternoon. I’ve put BNP […]

Day Two – Surf’s up

The wind remained strong and steady overnight at 20knts, though thankfully no squalls so I was able to find some rest as the boat was now settled and, in a groove, however there was no sleeping. I was way too anxious for sleep to be a possibility. Ahyoka was introducing me to all her creaks […]

Day One – Baptism by Fire

I didn’t plan to set off in a storm. It just, well, happened. I’d been watching the weather all week and each day the forecast got a little bit stronger but from the right direction, the SW so all good. However, what I awoke to this morning was a low-pressure system that was blasting up […]