Episode Six – Papua New Guinea

Land ahoy, vivid greens, “fish on” and entering the Coral Sea. The penultimate video in my journey home.

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  1. HI Rory, like Alan I have been watching with great interest your wonderful adventure from Hong Kong to Australia.Watching your trip has been so great for both of us. Mind you I dont know if your mother mentioned I get sea sick in a bath tub, but watching your excitement when you saw all those dolphins was so cool. We have followed your trip each day and it has been something so fulfilling for you, congratulations ,and hope when you eventually sail into Sydney Harbour we can be part of your overdue welcoming crowd. Kind Regards Sharyn

  2. Rory,

    I was in Cairns last week and had a look at your boat. Apart from looking a bit lonely she is in good order. The SE trades are still blowing hard so hopefully you will be fit and well ready to sail her to Tasmania when the North Easters start?


    1. Great to hear you were able to look in on her Cambell – much appreciated! I’ll be in Carins early November to start the sail South. Let me know if you’ll still be in town

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