Final Episode – Homecoming

Homecoming. There’s really nothing quite like it. Particularly when you’ve worked so hard to get there. The simplicity of familiarity. Of Family. Of Belonging. A cultural connection to something bigger than one’s self. The moment I saw land, saw Australia, after sailing 4000Nm is one I’ll never forget. After 37 days at sea I had […]

Episode Four – Relentless Squalls

Unforgiving squalls. Fatigue sets in. Disaster Strikes. The northern latitude monsoon takes its toll. Episode Four is now live (language warning).

Episode Three – Entering the Trades

Apologies its taken me a while to pull this one together. I’ve had a few issues with my ticker the past month and am still far from in good health. Guess the trip fairly took it out of me… Thankfully it’s creating plenty of time for reflection, processing and rest though.

Episode One – now live

For those who are interested in taking a look at some of the video from my trip, my first episode of crossing the South China Sea is now live: I’ll be editing the rest of the trip in the days and weeks ahead so feel free to subscribe to my new Youtube Channel if you […]

Epilogue (and photos)

“Heart” and “Disease” are two words you don’t want to see together. They certainly don’t look good sitting side by side on the screen in front of me as I type this. And I can assure you it doesn’t feel pleasant when it’s happening inside your chest. Within 24 hours of arriving in Cairns, I […]

Day 36 and 37 – Cursum Perficio – We made it!

How do I put into words what it feels like to be home? To be safe. To have finished my journey. When I sighted land yesterday, I was overcome with emotion. I was about 50Nm away so didn’t expect to see land that far out. Turns out Cairns has some of the highest mountains in […]

T minus 1

There’s something so satisfying working with your hands. Its task-based work with a clear start and endpoint and immediate feedback on whether you did it well or not. The sense of satisfaction one feels at the end of a day after working on the tools is nothing like working at a desk. Getting home and […]